The Ultimate LFW Survival Kit

London Fashion Week starts tomorrow and with the shows we've all been waiting for fast approaching, there's just enough time to put together your LFW Survival Kit...

Some of you might still be working with pen and paper to write your 'frow' notes, but for those more tech-savvy an iPad can double as a camera, notepad and you can also tweet those all important updates out to you loyal followers. Make sure you take along your phone charger, you won't be the only one running on empty by the end of the day, on that note, snacks are essential! Nuts are great because they aren't messy and you can pop them in between shows, plus they release their energy slowly.

Looking good during London Fashion Week is simply essential. The likelihood of you being snapped by a street style photographer is pretty high and if you want to find yourself in the pages of a magazine, you need to look not only good but quirky too. A good mascara will help with the first bit, the rest I'll leave up to you! Anything that will save space in your bag for the good stuff from those fashion week goodie bags is a plus, so a lip gloss with a mirror on the side is a great choice.

A little bottle of water is a must unless you want to get a headache half way through the day, most shows offer champagne but that could get a bit dangerous by your fourth show of the day. A top tip for LFW is to wear an outfit that takes you from day to night and this goes for accessories too, keeping a clutch in your bag means you can make that transition all the more easily. Depending on your hair type, you might need to keep a can of hairspray or dry shampoo, but for me curl revive spray is essential to keep my locks hydrated and frizz-free.

Wearing your highest heels is not a good idea. Trust me. Flatforms or heeled boots are a great option, but if you know your shoes hurt, slip party feet gel cushions into your bag. Cosmetics that multitask leave you more time to run between shows so a lip and cheek stain such as bene-tint is a great space saver. Last but not least make sure you squeeze an umbrella into your bag, I hear the drowned rat look is out this season.

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