HYPE Black Collection Launches at Topman

The HYPE Black Collection launches exclusively at Topman this September... 

The story behind HYPE is not your average tale. The brand was born in the hot summer of 2011, when two friends decided to do something productive with their summer break from University. With keen business acumen and an understanding of retail, after a week of late nights, (and lots of Monster Energy cans) HYPE was born. 

With the initial plan of investing £400 between them into the first range, the young boys were shocked when they won a competition to get 100 free t-shirts printed. 

They rapidly managed to get three designs printed and a unique design bought with the initial investment, the launch was announced for one Sunday at 8pm, by midnight all t-shirts were sold out. The HYPE had begun. The boys have now moved out of their bedrooms and set up offices in Leicester, where there is slightly more space for expansion. 

Prices in the new collection range from 14.99 to 75.00. Each item is limited to below 100 pieces. Available from September 10th.

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