You are What You Drink: beauty'in Launches Exclusively at Selfridges

Introducing beauty’in, a brand new beauty secret from Brazil which boosts health and wellbeing. It’s simply based on the concept that you are what you eat and drink, and that true beauty comes from within. Brazilian entrepeuneur Cristiana Arcangeli is launching her new category of beauty in the UK “Alimetics” a blend of Cristiana’s expertise in the worlds of food, nutrition and cosmetics. “Alimetics” describes the dietary and cosmetic properties combined in her products.

The beauty’in range can be enjoyed anytime, anywhere; at work, at home or at the gym. All the products are healthy and nutritious, and are the perfect choice for controlling hunger between meals.  The formulations combine vitamins, minerals, organic fruit extracts and digestible collagen - the protein responsible for the firmness and elasticity of the skin - to create a selection of beneficial and delicious products.

The range includes Brazil’s best-selling beauty’drink and beauty’tea and nutritious snacks beauty’candy and beauty’bar. Each product supplements the body’s essential nutrients to improve health and enhance beauty. beauty’in products contain no added sugar, preservatives or trans fats. The range includes:

beauty’drink - drink yourself gorgeous (RRP £3.50)

Brazil’s best-selling beauty’drink is set to transform the UK’s beverage market. The bottle’s unique award-winning Blast Cap Technology keeps the active ingredients separate from the water until you are ready to drink – simply twist and push down the cap to release the vitamins and minerals. Shake well, open and enjoy!

beauty’candy (RRP £2.50 small box, RRP £8.50 large box)

Next in the beauty’in collection is the unique Alimetic hydrolyzed collagen beautycandy; snacking has never been so healthy and beneficial. As well as its collagen boosting benefits, beautycandy is rich in the proteins and vitamins that are important for the skin cells, including A, C and E.  beautycandy is extremely low in calories, and is sugar free and fat free. Beautycandy is available in 4 delectable flavours; raspberry, lemon, orange and strawberry

 beauty’bar® (RRP £2.50)

For a healthy snack with added beauty benefits, beautybar Alimetic organic cereal bars with hydrolyzed collagen are the perfect choice. Containing hydrolyzed collagen, gold linseed, enriched with vitamins and antioxidant complex, beautybars are extremely low in calories and contain no preservatives, artificial colourings, glucose syrup or trans fat.  beautybars contain dried fruit, are rich in fibre and are sweetened with honey. Available in four ‘too good to be true’ flavours, each with their own beauty benefits. Each beautybar contains 6 squares, with less than 20 calories per square.

beauty’in is available exclusively at Selfridges

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