Monsoon Beauty Launches Debut Collection

The debut Monsoon Beauty collection contains a bath and body range inspired by Ayurvedic medicine...

Inspired by the ancient art of ayurveda, the new Monsoon Beauty bath and body range is the result of years of painstaking research and numerous explorations throughout the world experiencing the incredible power of certain plants and learning about their uses and benefits.

Practiced in India as a branch of medicine for over 5000 years, ayurveda is a holistic system that focuses on health and wellbeing. It decrees using natural ingredients - plants, herbs, roots and barks to heal and repair the body. Monsoon Beauty captures this ayurvedic knowledge in an eclectic and distinctive blend of botanical ingredients. These are products for the original thinker, they tie together into potent formulations to treat your body and heighten your mood; products to bring the senses alive while delivering clear benefits.

The Monsoon brand has long been associated with traditional craftsmanship from around the World, marrying inspiration from the East with the West and maintaining an ethical ethos. Monsoon Beauty encompasses these values. All of the products are ethically produced in the UK using ayurvedic knowledge, 100% pure plant actives and essential oils. None of the products contain parabens, SLS, sulphates, animal-derived ingredients and nothing has been tested on animals.

Inspired by the intrinsic beauty of the East, Monsoon Beauty is made up of three product families that reflect the diversity of the incredible region, Tree of Life, Passion and Eastern Secrets. The new ranges, priced between £4 and £32, are available from select Monsoon stores nationwide now, before launching online via the dedicated website.

Source: Beauty Guild

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