IMAN Cosmetics Launches BB Cream

IMAN Cosmetics has jumped on the BB Cream train, releasing a new range of the popular product to address those common skin problems women of color face...

Supermodel Iman is entering a new arena with her namesake beauty company. Iman Cosmetics is introducing the Skin Tone Evener BB Crème SPF 15 collection to the beauty balm market. What makes this BB cream special? It’s one of the first to cater exclusively to ethnic skin while combating hyper-pigmentation and solving the color-match problem. And the six shades in her latest offering are able to complement 36 distinct skin tones. Iman says:

“The biggest problem women with skin of color have is hyper-pigmentation, blotches of different colors on their face.This is a skin treatment. It is not just topical.”

Due to launch in December, Iman says the six-shade range provides coverage for 36 different brown, olive, and tan tones.

Source: Glam

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