MIA to Collaborate with Versace?

Rumours are flying around that controversial UK rapper MIA will be collaborating with Versace...

The rumours have all come from a lecture at the Modern Art Museum on Sunday where the entire audience got a sneak peek at MIA's desktop where folders named 'Versace Prints,' 'Bootleg Versace,' and 'Versace Outlines' were stored. Suspicious much? According to Spin, the singer then confirmed she is indeed working with Versace, while we don't yet know what the nature of the collaboration will be, the labels of her folders suggest she's turned her hand to designing.

If you're wondering whether MIA has any real fashion credentials aside from her slightly wacky dress sense, she does. MIA studied at Central Saint Martins College, has modelled for Marc by Marc Jacobs and released a limited edition Okley Run line that was sold during New York Fashion Week in 2008.

Source: SB.TV

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