African Botanics Debuts at Space NK

This month sees the exclusive launch of skincare brand African Botanics in the UK at Space NK. The range is rich in African Marula Oil and features products including the Stretchmark Botanical Body Oil, which can be used from the early stages of pregnancy to prevent stretchmarks developing.

African Botanics is a Los Angeles based natural and non-toxic skin care cosmetic company, founded by Craig and Julia Noik in 2012. With their South African roots and passion for the land, they were inspired to create a wellness line of beauty products that was shaped to capture the exceptional beauty and pure floral wealth of Southern Africa.

Southern Africa is filled with exceptional treasures of numerous powerful botanicals and minerals. African Botanics uses a variety of sustainable, indigenous plants and natural resources in their unique range. Formulated with an exclusive combination of entirely organic, cold pressed, Wild Grown African Marula Oil, as well as African Green Rooibos Tea Extract, Grape Seed Oil, Pure African Muti Mud, Baobab Oil, Cape Camomile and Shea Butter, found mostly in the Western Cape’s Fynbos [Fine Bush] region, the smallest and most ecologically diverse plant kingdom in the world. All specially selected for their high antioxidant content, powerful healing attributes and skin regenerating abilities.

The therapeutic and nourishing qualities of these fascinating plants have led to Fynbos being used for generations in native tribal beauty rituals. The entire range is based on natural ingredients.

The wild-harvested plant extracts and essential oils are sustainably sourced from remote, untouched regions, blended to create products that care holistically for your body and mind. They support the responsible harvesting and production of all raw materials from the most reputable suppliers, working with projects that regenerate the environment and local communities in South Africa.

All products are made in South Africa with a distinct focus on craftsmanship, luxury and quality.

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