5 of the Best... Natural Hair Styles

Natural Hair Styles are becoming more and more diverse as more people embrace their natural textures and get creative with hair styling. Inspired by UFAB's Pinterest Board, I've decided to bring you the top 5 natural hair styles my followers have been fans of...

5. Classic

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The classic natural hair style, so simple and yet so beautiful, this look depends a lot on hair type and length and is a great choice for a holiday or weekend occasion. Make sure you add moisture to your hair frequently with this style as you might find it dries out after long periods of wearing it out. A spritz bottle of coconut oil and water can be a great mid-day curl reviver.

4. Braids
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Ahh braids! This style has become incredibly popular thanks to stars such as Beyonce and Solange Knowles, while you might be tempted to go for the longest braids you can get, remember that the longer the braids the more pressure on your natural hair underneath. To avoid tugging hair out go for shorter length braids and make sure your natural hair isn't pulled too tightly! For the best products for braids click here.

3. Side Plait
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Keeping hair neat can be tricky with natural hair so it's no wonder that this plait is so popular. There are lots of different variations of plait but this one that starts on top of the head and twists to one side is both chic and practical. Getting the hang of this plait can be tricky, but once you've got it down, you will never forget!

2. Up Do
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Up-dos are perfect for formal occasions and can look gorgeous on natural hair and dreadlocks. This look works so well because the hair has been combed out of its curl pattern and pinned in place, a look like this usually takes anything up to 30 minutes and can be tricky to get the hang of but looks great and shouldn't put too much strain on the roots.

1. Short and Sweet

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A true favourite of those going from relaxers or weave to natural looks, many ladies go for the 'big chop' and work with their natural hair at a very short length which can feel very liberating. While hot colours look stunning on curly natural hair, using dyes really dries out the hair so make sure you condition your hair often and take regular breaks from dye.

What's your favourite natural hair style?

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