Streetwear Spotlight: Tribal Life

Streetwear is becoming more and more influential in the world of fashion as style seekers turn their heads from the catwalks to the streets to look for style inspiration. Let's take a look at an up and coming brand with bags of inspiration to offer...


Tribal Life is a family business is the truest sense. Huguette Bukasa is the designer behind the brand, but her whole family are involved in the process. Her mother and sister cut out her designs and sew them for her, while her older sister handles the PR and Marketing. Huguette's other sister draws out her designs for her, which are inspired by her half Congolese and half Bulgarian heritage. Huguette explained to me:

"I wanted to bring African prints that I'd seen on my relatives and combine the prints with my urban style. You would probably never see me in a full African print gown but you would always see me in my leather and African print jacket."

This fusion of African prints and Huguette's modern style are what makes Tribal Life such a unique brand. This brand is so exclusive, that it doesn't have a website yet! The items are available on ASOS marketplace and have been seen on urban stars such as Poet of Poet's Corner and Mitch from Mitch and Suave.

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