Meet Orico - Advanced Pure Urban Skincare

You might have read this headline and wondered, how can a skincare brand be 'urban'? Well you're about to find out how the word fits this particular brand of skincare so perfectly, you will wonder why other brands have not formulated a range like this before...


Orico is the new British, advanced pure skincare range designed for the everyday demands urban living places on our skin such as pollution, air-conditioning, central heating and stress. Companies such as the VLCC Wellness brand already formulate cosmetics such as 'anti-pollution sprays' to combat the harmful effects of pollution in the bustling city of Mumbai, and now this great british beauty brand is offering us something even better.

Orico sounds pretty good to me for a skincare brand, it evokes images of spas, wisdom and good health, but it's more than just a pretty name, it actually stands for "Organic Rich Ingredients in Cosmetics and Oils". As you might of guessed, the products are certified organic and offer hardworking, pure skincare for the face, body and baby.

Orico products

Orico Future Organics is based on 4 fundamental elements which make it the perfect skincare for urban city life:

  • Anti-ageing - Using the latest bioactive natural ingredients which have been clinically proven for effectiveness
  • Pure & Effective - All Orico skincare is Ecocert Certified Organic with pure formulations
  • Urban Perfect - Streetwise: Developed for skin that is continually exposed to harsh urban environments - pollution, UV exposure, air-conditioning and central heating.
    Fast Skin Food: Orico feeds skin with skin-replenishing super-foods, advanced antioxidants, vitamins, omegas and the latest clinically tested actives to help it sustain a deep, youthful glow.
    High Performance: Light, fast absorbing formulas for lifestyles with zero time
  • Happiness Booster - Orico formulas work two ways: Clinically on the skin to really make a difference and the uplifting aromatherapy blends on the senses to trip switch moods to happy, up and radiant

So who's behind all this fantastic work? Orico is the brainchild of Shirin Valipour who is a naturals pioneer and came in at Number four in 'The Beauty Yearbook 2012 Who's Who in Natural Beauty.' Shirin lives in both New York and London so she really understands how bad pollution can be for our skin and is a firm advocate of products that are fast and easy to use, certified organic and that actually work.

Shirin Valipour

Shirin's CV includes work with brands such as L'Oreal, Mead Johnson Natural Health Supplements, Schwarzkopf, and Unilever so she really does know what it takes to make great products.
As the first to take the position of Marketing Director for Neal’s Yard Remedies in 2008, Shirin built a new strategic marketing department and launched new product ranges with the objective of raising the profile and modernising the brand and portfolio.  Within one year Shirin had turned the company around, leading to over 70 awards including the CEW ‘Best British Beauty Brand Award’.  Wow.

Shirin has taken her years of experience and vast wealth of knowledge to set about creating her own dream brand – Orico.

The vast selection of products includes an Anti-Ageing range, a Streetwise range (with all those pollution busting formulas I mentioned above), face masks, Bust and Neck treatments, body oils, washes and exfoliators and an Orico Baby range for the little ones.

A sample of STREETWISE Oxygenating Day Cream 75ml, plopped onto my desk this morning so I will be sure to let you know how I get on with that.

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