It's Time For a Hair M.O.T

Give hair a winter MOT, that's a Mashooq Oil Treatment, to ensure fabulous glossy manageable hair right through the cold winter months and into spring.

As we know, hair, just like skin, can be dried out by cold winter winds and central heating and regular use of Mashooq’s Deep Penetrating Oil (100ml/£7.99) will prevent hair from becoming brittle and losing its shine.

The 5 Step MOT

1.  Use a tint brush to apply Mashooq's Deep Penetrating oil.  Start at the scalp and work down the length of the hair.  Work in small sections

2.  Use your hands to massage the oil into the scalp and hair

3.  Use a wide toothed comb to comb through the hair

4.  Cover hair with a plastic cap and leave for up to 30 minutes.  During this time body heat will warm up the oil and the hair will start to absorb all the goodness from the oil.  For a little extra heat, why not spend the waiting time relaxing in a warm bath.

5.  Shampoo and style as normal

Originally developed for use in salons, Mashooq’s Deep Penetrating Oil is now available for home use. The oil is 100% natural using a unique blend of coconut, olive, palm, wheat germ, almond and sunflower oils that are rich in vitamins, minerals and with some UVB blocking abilities. There are no colours or preservatives and no animal testing is involved.

About Mashooq

The Mashooq range was created by renowned hair consultant, Claudette Giovanni, who drew upon traditions she witnessed as a child in Jamaica.  Growing up Claudette saw the women around her using plants growing around them to create hair and beauty products which were totally natural.

Mashooq, which means ‘beautiful’ in Arabic, was created by Claudette to enable women in the UK to enjoy the benefits of 100% totally natural products as used by women in Jamaica.

Mashooq products contain a unique blend of natural oils including coconut, olive, palm, wheat germ, almond and sunflower which are full of vitamins and minerals to nourish and protect the hair.

Other products in the Mashooq hair care range include:

Mashooq Blend Moisturising Hair Serum (100ml/£15.99) formulated to condition hair, restoring vitality to roots and ends and adding shine.

Mashooq Blend Frequent Use Shampoo(100ml/£4.49) formulated to leave hair soft, glossy and manageable. Gentle enough to be used daily and will keep all hair types in peak condition. Use with Mashooq Blend Crème Rinse Conditioner

Mashooq Blend Crème Rinse Conditioner (100ml/£4.89) a luxurious conditioner that leaves hair glossy and moisturised.  For a deep conditioning treatment apply to hair with Mashooq Deep Penetrating Oil treatment and wrap in a hot towel.

Give hair the ultimate treatment with the full range pack containing 100ml bottles of all four products for £28.35.

Buy online at or tel: 0871 716 5529.

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