UFAB Career Crush of the Month: Ayshia Armani

With long summer days behind us some of you might have put your career aspirations on the back burner while you tan your skin and browse the shops looking for maxi dresses to wear to all those barbecues you were invited to. Let UFAB inspire you once again with our UFAB Career Crush Ayshia Armani...

I caught up with future media mogul Ayshia whose ambition is truly infectious, we talked beauty products, career aspirations and how to be successful in the media industry.

For those who haven't heard of her yet, Ayshia is a  London-based freelance presenter and journalist. She has interviewed stars such as Alexandra Burke, Wretch 32 and Mindless Behavior and currently works as an online presenter and writer for Live Magazine and MTV Voices. Are you ready to find out the secrets behind her success?

UFAB: What's the best thing about your job? 

Ayshia Armarni: I get to meet and interview some really interesting people and get to go to loads of fun events. I also get the odd freebie which is great, I mean who doesn't appreciate free stuff!

UFAB: What is the one beauty product you cannot leave the house without? 
AA: Concealer! I think concealer is just EVERYTHING. It brightens the face, hides blemishes, dark circles, and I also love a well groomed eyebrow - concealer really helps to make them look perfect.

UFAB: What advice would you give to people coming into the industry?

AA: Be thick-skinned, prepare for rejection, work like you've never worked before, try to be unique and learn to network your ass off!

UFAB: How did you get to where you are today? 

AA: Networking and hard work! Social media has really helped a lot too in terms of getting myself out there. I'd advise anyone looking to get into the media to really learn how to use social media to promote themselves effectively.

UFAB: What is the worst thing about the industry? 

AA: Good question. I'd say that it's extremely competitive. Everyone wants to work in the media so there's always going to be a million people fighting for one position.

UFAB: What is the best thing about the industry? 

AA: You get to have an exciting job that takes you all over the place and allows you to meet interesting people.

UFAB: Describe your perfect day

AA: Wake up, send out interview requests... Get a big fat YES to every interview request I send out. Head over to the studio. Have a few meetings. Film a few interviews for my youtube channel (www.youtube.com/ayshiaarmani) and videos/tutorials for my beauty channel  do a bit of blogging for both sites while having some lunch.

Then start editing videos to go online. Head off to a media event in the evening - network etc and then go home, watch a movie and relax, have dinner and plan for tomorrow. That may sound a bit boring I know, but I love what I do and although it's a bit draining at times I find it all so fun!

UFAB: What's your dream job?

AA: Presenting! So what I'm doing now but on a much bigger scale, owning my own media company and being at the forefront of exclusive celebrity interviews, entertainment news and to have a successful beauty & fashion site also. Oh and I'd love to work on E! News.

UFAB: What challenges have you come across in your career so far? 

AA: I'd say just getting myself out there and growing my online following. It's not easy at all.

UFAB: What's more important: who you know or what you know? 

AA: Both are very important but I think talent and craft are more important than anything else. You may know all the right people but if you cant deliver, then you wont get the job.

UFAB: Give us your best beauty/haircare tip:

Moisturise your hair regularly with oils such a jojoba, coconut and moroccan oil - no matter what hair type you have. Also don't over do it, a little goes a long way!

UFAB: What's the next step for you?

AA: Producing more interviews and video content for my both of my youtube channels.

Want to know more? Check out Ayshia's website here: ayshiaarmani.com and her beauty blog here: ayshiaarmanibeauty.com

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