Outback Organics Slips into Urban Retreat at Harrods

Looking for a luxury pampering experience this summer? Harrods has the answer...

Outback Organics Slips into Urban Retreat at Harrods

Hair removal can be sticky business so it's good news that Urban Retreat at Harrods has announced Australian beauty brand Outback Organics will launch its product Outback Gold within the luxury beauty department. So what is this new wonder product good enough to make it into Harrods?

Outback Gold is a soft peelable and quick drying wax that is applied in thin, single layers. It is gentle on skin and is as easy to use as strip wax and remains supple when cool, removing cleanly from the skin, with no stickiness or residue. The low melting point improves comfort on the most sensitive of body parts for both women and men and is shimmery gold in colour. Outback Gold will launch into Urban Retreat from October. 


Source: Diary Directory

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