New Collection: Dope Couture Summer 2013

It's Summer and as the sun has decided to come out, so have all the new collections, including this summer offering from Dope Couture...

Dope Couture 1

Global brand Dope Couture believe that luxury equates to freedom and is more than just a lifestyle choice, but a state of mind. Dope try to reflect this concept in every single piece they create, along with the aim to bring a luxurious lifestyle to the world, because in their own words "everyone  deserves the right to feel on top of the world".

Dope Couture 2

This season’s delivery features apparel and headwear including the 'trippy tank' which combines a translucent gel print and a custom tie-dye produced entirely in Los Angeles, the Pledge snapback, as well as the Indica and Sativa tanks (not pictured) and the Indica and Sativa snapbacks in a heavily distressed denim and leather fabrication.

Dope Couture 3

To complete this drop, several accessories have been launched including the long awaited 'lambo countach' two-finger ring offered in gold. It's not just us that are loving this brand, but Hip Hop artist Kendrick Lamar wore Dope Couture at the B.E.T. awards while Dizzee Rascal wore the brand at Glastonbury.

Dope Couture 4

This brand has one of the biggest stores now on FairFax in LA and is available in the UK from Choice, Foot Patrol and many more independent stores and will soon be available from

Photography by Jennifer Kavanagh.

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