Feature: Nail Wraps: The Fast New Addition to the Beauty Industry by Phoebe Parke

The beauty industry moves incredibly fast so it’s no surprise that the latest trend in nail design, nail wraps, reflect this. With literally millions of different designs which can be applied and removed within minutes without visiting a salon, consumers are taking nail care into their own hands…


Nail Wraps allow you to change your nail design as often as you wash your hands and have become a celebrity favourite with Rihanna famously sporting money inspired nail wraps, Myleene Klass bringing out her own range and if you’ve seen Beyoncé’s Pepsi Advert you probably will have marveled at her NCLA nail wrapped talons.

No one is trying to pull the wool over your eyes, essentially what we are talking about here are stickers for your nails, and as basic as that might seem, this trend has completely changed how we see nail design. Because they are so easy to manufacture, the design possibilities are literally endless. Those who spend £20-£30 on each visit to the nail salon can now get the most intricate designs on their own. Nail wraps can also be worn over shellac or acrylics, last for up to 10 days and are peeled off easily without damaging the nail.

But, as with any trend, there is a drawback. While you can buy nail wraps for a few pence online, getting good quality ones is important if you want them to stay on for a long time. Having said that, in my experience they’re pretty much all the same quality over around the £2 per pack mark so don’t be fooled by ridiculously priced “designer” wraps unless you adore the design. There is a certain technique to getting them right (I still don’t think I’ve perfected it) so going into a salon might be a good step if you want them to look perfect first time, but practice makes perfect and once you’ve got the “file at a 45 degree angle” bit right, you are well on your way.

When I went to the Beauty Show at Olympia last year there were a plethora of stalls offering different kinds of nail art and people were queuing up to see what all the fuss was about. A lovely lady at the Minx Nails stall applied a trial nail for me in less than a minute, first choosing the correct size nail wrap for my finger (I decided on the fourth finger like they do it in L.A.), then wilting my selected nail wrap under a hot lamp, then placing it on my nail and filing off the excess. She made it look so simple but at home it took me a few tries to get it absolutely perfect. They were also applying lip wraps but I think that’s best left to Jessie J.

The best trends are always the ones which you can try out without any great expense or effort (see: Red Lipstick) and so with that mantra in mind, here are my favourite 5 to try out when you have a minute:

Nail Wraps

5. Nail Rock x ASOS Exclusive Jewel Wraps – £6.70

4. Nail Rock A/W12 Big Money Nail Wraps – £6.65

3. Beauty UK Have a Cow Nail Art Wraps – £3.99

2. Nail Couture L.A. Gem Stone Nail Wraps – £12.50

1. Model’s Own x WAH Nails POW Wraps – £7

Top Tip: Apply clear nail varnish over the top of your nail wrap to make it last a little longer.

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