Brand New Hand Creams from KORRES

Just in time for the cold spell, KORRES introduces a complete hand-care line for any moisturising and anti-ageing routine; two new products addressing specific needs naturally - the Anti Age-Spot Hand Cream SPF 15, works to minimize existing age spots and uneven skin tone & the Nourishing Hand cream, ideal for dry/chapped hands...

Brand New Hand Creams from KORRES

Almond oil, with its exceptional emollient properties, when applied regularly, nourishes extra dry skin and prevents skin moisture loss, whereas vitamins C & E, known for their antioxidant properties, act against dark spots. The formulations are also enriched with Provitamin B5 and Shea Butter, to enhance their nourishing and soothing properties. The line also includes the Organic Almond Oil & Calendula moisturising cream, and the entire line is parabens free.

The Almond Oil used in the KORRES formulation, is obtained through the 'cold pressing' of organic almonds; based on the fact that most vitamins are concentrated in the skin of the fruit, KORRES has opted to press the selected organic almonds with their thin, outer skin. Compared to the almond oil extracted from peeled almonds, the KORRES Almond Oil has a significantly higher concentration of actives; more specifically it carries a high content of oleic acid - a natural anti-wrinkle agent - and a-tocopherol, a powerful natural antioxidant. Crash-tested against standard almond oil, the oxidation stability of the KORRES Almond Oil has been measured [Rancimat Method], proving the advanced antioxidant protection it offers.

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