Middle Eastern Beauty Trends Take Over in the UK

Middle Eastern and Asian beauty trends have recently emerged as a powerful player in the UK and global beauty industry...

Middle Eastern Beauty Trends Take Over in the UK

A beauty trend that was once only heard of in Asia and the Middle East has now evolved to nearly every high street in the UK. Eyebrow threading was unheard of in the UK market just five years ago and is now a beauty treatment that most women can’t live without. The hair removal service is a cost effective and pain free solution to waxing and plucking which has been the first choice for hair removal in the past. Beautiful eyebrows are not only alluring but are steadily gaining the attention that manicured nails have been receiving over the years.

Superdrug has seen a significant rise in sales of Middle Eastern beauty services and products in particular with threading and hair oils. The retailer opened its first threading bar opened in Westfield White City in November 2009 and the retailer has now expanded to over 190 brow bars with plans to take it to 300 stores by end of 2013.

Threading at Superdrug has seen sales per store increase by 25 per cent compared to this time last year and now threads 20,000 eyebrows each week.

Another favourite has been hair oils which are also a new beauty secret that wasn’t even seen on the shelves three years ago. Superdrug has seen a 45 per cent (YOY) rise in hair oils and are introducing a further four new hair oils into the range as they are such a great seller.

Sara Wolverson, Beauty Director at Superdrug said;
“As an industry we’ve benefited from a real shift which has seen traditional beauty trends and products move from the east to become an essential part of western beauty regimes.

The trend started with eyebrow threading which is a favourite with celebrities including Kim Kardashian, Brad Pitt and Liz Hurley. The best thing is that threading is so simple that a celeb-brow gets exactly the same treatment as everyone else’s.”

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