KNOWN Introduce Debut Collection

With clean bold prints and powerful imagery, British Streetwear brand KNOWN introduce their impressive debut collection. With a concise collection and strong brand identity, KNOWN is deceptively mature beyond its years. Noted as ones to watch, the brand boasts an attractive simplicity in their designs that capture a timeless street style...

Their debut collection has been raising eyebrows throughout the UK with consistent yet fresh prints, graphics and typographic strap lines such as, 'Always On It – All Day Every Day', emblazoned across fresh white tees. Crew neck sweaters printed with high quality, bold box logos, and snapback caps suitably complete the collection.

Inspired by its peers, KNOWN is grown from the roots of all that came before them. It is also clear that music is a big influence for KNOWN with lyrics from bands such as ‘Public Enemy’s, ‘It takes a Nation of Millions to hold us back’ scrolled in subtle stylishness across many of their tees, as well as De La Soul’s, 'Stakes is High'.

The campaign is also flawlessly fronted by UK grime and rap Artist ‘Edward Scissortongue’ signed to the infamous underground label ‘High Focus’. Starting out with a strong first step, expectations are high and with their ethos, ‘On it all day every day’, KNOWN are in good stead for longevity.  Looks as though they’ll be KNOWN... for all the right reasons.

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