Banish Dry Lips with New RAD Lips

As it gets colder, our lips become drier, and we all know that's not a good look, but come sun, wind, rain or snow, new Environ RAD Lips will help keep your lips in great shape all year round. RAD Lips nourishes and cares for your lips, leaving them naturally soft, hydrated and supple.

The fragrance-free lip balm contains both UVA and SPF15 UVB filters, protecting against visible signs of premature ageing of the lips and UV damage. Great for time spent outdoors, on the beach or the even on the ski slopes! The innovative vitamin-rich, lip enhancing treatment contains antioxidants such as lutein, vitamin E, rosemary extract and vitamin C, which reduce the appearance of fine lines.

Ingredients such as our favourite shea butter and bees wax deeply hydrate and moisturise providing relief for dry, cracked and sensitive lips. Plant derived squalane soothes dry, chapped lips and may improve skin elasticity too.

Environ RAD Lips is priced £9.95 and is part of the advanced skincare range which is available from skincare specialists and beauty salons nationwide. Environ is the brand created by South African cosmetic surgeon Dr Des Fernandes, a specialist in the use of topical vitamins to address the effects of the environment on skin.

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