Bad Hair Day? Try Akamuti's Liquid African Black Soap

Using soap on your hair might sound strange, but just wait until you make dry, frizzy hair a thing of the  past with Akamuti's Liquid African Black Soap, the perfect natural alternative  to shampoo for dry or frizzy hair...

Created with lots of creamy shea butter,  African black soap not only cleans the hair but provides moisture and conditioning for unruly or damaged hair. It is particularly good for afro hair types. What's more, this soap is completely natural with no added chemicals or  unnecessary nasties! It is the perfect soap for sensitive skin and problem scalps.

Akamuti is the home of award-winning 100% natural and organic skincare. They source as many organic and ethically produced ingredients to create high quality products packed with pure plant goodness. Their ingredient lists are short and simple and free from any additives. They believe in sustainability and ethical trading their passion for plants and people comes through in each of the products. You will find them busy making face creams, body moisturisers, bottling oils and cutting soaps in a quiet, leafy corner of Wales.

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