Pop-up Mall BOXPARK to Open in Amsterdam

Pop-up mall BOXPARK opens its second venture in Amsterdam next summer. The retail space consists of 121 shipping containers featuring international and Dutch fashion brands as well as cafes and galleries.

For those to whom BOXPARK is something new, here's some background. BOXPARK  Shoreditch is a retail revolution – the world’s first pop-up mall, based in the heart of East London. Opened in 2011 by founder and CEO Roger Wade, alongside local legend Dizzee Rascal, BOXPARK Shoreditch will be open for the next five years.

BOXPARK is constructed of stripped, and refitted shipping containers, to create unique, low cost, low risk, ‘box shops’. Filled with a unique mix of international fashion and lifestyle brands, galleries and caf├ęs, it’s the world’s first ‘pop-up’ mall – so named because its basic building blocks are inherently movable: they can, and will, pop up anywhere in the world!

BOXPARK isn’t intrusive or invasive. Wherever it pops up, it joins in and contributes to the community. BOXPARK aims to become part of the fabric of local life by adding colour, creativity and life of its own. Low-cost, low-risk ethos – for a revolutionary product mix.

Selected, ground-breaking brands by invitation only  to create a revolutionary mix. The BOXPARK philosophy is to give innovative retailers space at affordable rates – and on unbeatably flexible terms. And it’s as local as it’s global – some ‘box-shops’ will be offered to local creative industries and organisations at preferential rates to ensure BOXPARK always involves and enhances every community it joins.

The new BOXPARK with only be open only at weekends, from 6pm on Friday to 6pm on Sunday, BOXPARK will be located in a former welding hanger in the now defunct NDSM shipyard. Visitors will be transported from Amsterdam central station by ferry; the journey is free and bikes are welcome on board.

The surrounding area is currently undergoing a regeneration, already home to the new head quarters of Red Bull and MTV.

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