Liquid Gold: Reap the Benefits of Argan Oil from Melvita

It seems like every month there's a new hair and beauty buzz word, well at least this one's scientifically proven! It's no secret that Argan Oil has been known for years as the ancient Moroccan 'liquid gold' for healthy skin, hair and nails.

Today, organic skincare experts Melvita, in partnership with Molecular and Cellular Biologist Dr Elisabeth Devilard, reveal the scientific truth behind this miracle ingredient, and how the best-selling 100% Melvita Argan Oil, is scientifically proven to hold repairing benefits, in every single drop.
Working at the world-famous Paoli Calmette Institute in Marseilles, Dr Devilard and Melvita used a procedure of transcriptomic analysis on human skin biopsies to assess its reaction to the product. 

Together they have proven that Argan Oil improves cellular cohesion (for supple healthy skin), strengthens cellular resistance (for moisture and protection) and promotes cellular youth (for anti-ageing) - resulting in essential comforting care for damaged skin. Unlike other Argan Oil products Melvita's 100% concentration, which is neither diluted nor blended with other oils or fragrances, ensures maximum skin benefits.

Research revealed that during testing, Argan Oil demonstrated anti-inflammatory properties associated with optimising skin function and immunity thus boosting overall skin health. Its high concentration levels of Omega 9 and Omega 6 strengthen the hydro-lipidic film and hold moisture in the heart of cells to maintain skin elasticity and improve resistance to external stresses, while richness in sterols stimulate the structure of the cell membrane to improve skin metabolism, therefore reducing inflammation to help prevent signs of ageing.

Widely used for reconditioning dry hair, Melvita research has also demonstrated that the two key genes involved in hair growth are 'up-regulated' meaning the oil is beneficial both to the condition of new hair as it grows as well as nourishing existing hair. Scientifically proven to be exceptionally rich in essential fatty acids and sterols, Argan Oil's nourishing and repairing benefits make it the perfect restorative and anti-ageing treatment for dry hair, nails and fragile skin with its softening and protective properties.

Melvita was founded in 1983 on the site of a bee farm, deep in the countryside of the Ard├Ęche Gorges, France, by biologist Bernard Chevilliat. Now a pioneer in organic beauty care, Melvita offers a collection of over 300 Ecocert certified products that work for both the skin and the environment. As a global leader in organic formulation expertise, Melvita is dedicated to supporting ecological issues throughout the world. The Melvita Foundation supports projects and initiatives that aim to protect nature, promote organic farming and safeguard the future of bees.

Melvita offer a 100% pure, unscented Argan Oil which is both certified organic and Fair Trade. Priced at £18.00/50ml it can be applied liberally for healthy hair and skin. Also available as Argan Oil Roll-On at £9.00 which is ideal for targeting dry areas on the face, lips and hands.

Melvita's Argan Oil is also the key ingredient of the Capiforce Hair Care Collection designed to repair, replenish and moisturise from root to tip. The Capiforce Collection includes Cream Shampoo (200ml, £13.00), Detangling Balm (£13.00/200ml) and Hair Mask (£18.00/125ml).

The Melvita range is available from Melvita in St Martin's Courtyard, Covent Garden & The Exchange Shopping Centre, Putney. The range is also available from , Wholefoods stores, selected John Lewis stores.

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  1. Moroccan oil is famous in skin care and hair care, but it is an excellent addition to cooking. Pure argan oil has many health benefits including a high vitamin E content and a variety of essential fatty acids. It is traditionally used in the cuisine of the indigenous Berber tribes in Morocco, and they also know about its health-giving and medicinal properties.Argan oil health benefits