Limited Edition Fortune Flowers Range from L'Occitane

For all the shea butter lovers out there, L'Occitane are about to launch a limited edition shea butter range called Fortune Flowers. To explain the name, for these limited editions, L’Occitane drew inspiration from a popular folklore tale that tells of three fortune flowers with exceptional properties. Rose Petals evoke the sweet floral notes of rose with a hint of the sugar-coated scent of candied almonds. Date Bouquet recalls the mouth-watering essence of this deliciously sweet fruit. Mango Flower reveals a full and zesty aroma – the olfactory signature of the wide open spaces of Burkina Faso.

The line consists of everyday use hand cream, luxurious lip balm, ultra rich body cream and shea butter rose petals soap for bath time. Proceeds from the products raise funds for the L'Occitane Foundation, which is dedicated to helping to eradicate preventable blindness throughout the world.

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